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I am subash shrestha from Lainchur Kathmandu Nepal. i am IT professional.

Time Stamps in BASH HISTORY

By default, History logs the time when you ran a command, but doesn’t display it. The reason for this is when you run the History command, it looks for an environment variable called HISTTIMEFORMAT, which tells it how to format time. If the value is null or not set, then by default it doesn’t show any time. But that’s not all. Since […]

Failover and Load Balancing using HAProxy

HAProxy is open source proxy that can be used to enable high availability and load balancing for web applications. It was designed especially for high load projects so it is very fast and predictable, HAProxy is based on single-process model. In this post I’ll describe sample setup of HAProxy: users’ requests are load balanced between […]

Limit CPU usage of Linux process

cpulimit is a small program written in C that allows to limit CPU usage by Linux process. Limit is specified in percentage so it’s possible to prevent high CPU load generated by scripts, programs or processes. I found cpulimit pretty useful for the scripts running from cron, for example I can do overnight backups and […]

10 Useful Linux Commands

Search for all files modified in the last N days containing a specific text in their name find DIR -mtime -N -name “*TEXT*” For example: find ~ -mtime -5 -name “*log*” Will display all the files modified in the past 5 days which include the text ‘log’ in their filename. Determine which processes use the […]

The 7 Deadly Linux Commands

If you are new to Linux, chances are you will meet a stupid person perhaps in a forum or chat room that can trick you into using commands that will harm your files or even your entire operating system. To avoid this dangerous scenario from happening, I have here a list of deadly Linux commands […]

Hacking Tools

Hacking Tools   Scanning nmap Nikto/Wikto SuperScan hping3 Sniffing wireshark tcpdump Ettercap Kismet Ntop Ngrep EtherApe pOf Snort Exploitation Metasploit w3af sqlmap sqlninja BeEF Havij Vulnerability Scanning Nessus N-Stalker GFI Languard OpenVAS […]

Download eBooks For Free is a Site Which I Personally Prefer. You will Find Usefull EBooks Specially For Students. As a Student i just loved this site not just because it has got EBooks which i needed but also Because of user friendly interface, Easy and Fast way to download without any Clutters. There are business books, travel guides […]

Just Read it….

There was this robbery in Guangzhou , the robber shouted to everyone: “All don’t move, money belongs to the state, life belongs to you”. Everyone in the bank laid down quietly. This is called “Mind Changing Concept –> Changing the conventional way of thinking”. ————————————————- One lady lay on the table provocatively, the robber shouted […]

How to make 350mb movies using RipBot264

  This is coverting .avi to .mkv. To view .mkv you need to download and install the k_lite codec pack you can get it here This comes with a multi format Media Player and in my opinion the best ‘Media Player Classic Homecinema’ and you can use this to view any movie format. Now […]