This is coverting .avi to .mkv.

To view .mkv you need to download and install the k_lite codec pack you can get it here

This comes with a multi format Media Player and in my opinion the best
'Media Player Classic Homecinema' and you can use this to view 

 any movie format.

 Now to the Tut....

 RipBot264 is a simple and easy to use All-In-One Converter. Convert
from  DVD, Blu-ray or any video to iPod, iPad, PSP, PS3, XBOX360, 

 PC, MAC, MP4, MKV, Blu-ray or AVCHD without exotic filters and
unnecessary settings.

 RipBot264 latest version.

 RipBot264 Requires the following free apps installed



haali media splitter

.Net Framework


How to use RipBot264

After you have installed required apps

run ripbot264

This box will appear

It will start converting speed depends on the processor speed and ram installed.

I have used a standard size 700mb here.

The size you pick in dropdown depends on the size of the original .avi in

general you can compress the size by 50% without loss of quality so this is

350mb, 1400mb would compress to 700mbs, 350mb ie one hour TV series will

compress to 175mb.

Hope you try this and please enjoy!!


What is .mkv

An MKV (Matroska Video) file is not your regular video and audio compression

format. An MKV file is an open source container format. It is a general-purpose

audio and video container and a competing format to the more popular AVI and

MP4 formats. With its futuristic design approach, it can provide support for a

vast number of audio, video and subtitle compression formats. Its features

exceed even those of AVI and MP4 files.

An MKV file contains compressed video and audio streams along with an encoder.

A codec or Coder/Decoder is required to play this type of file. MKV aims to be

the leading standard for multimedia container formats. It is based on EBML

(Extensible Binary Meta Language), a subclass of XML.

Specifically, MKV is a Matroska file - an open source container that houses an

unlimited amount of video, audio, and even subtitles data in a single file. Its

primary purpose is to create a unifying or universal format for multimedia

storage with the benefit of being completely open source.
MKV File Features

Like any other modern-day multimedia container, MKV files possess the following


* DVD-like menu systems
* HTTP and RTP audio & video streaming capability over the internet
* Tools and libraries for developers adding MKV support to their applications
* Cross-platform audio/video multimedia container format
* Comprehensive support by new Samsung and LG TV and Blu-ray players
* Direct television USB playback support – MKVs can be directly played from USB

when plugged into the television USB port
* Reliable error restoration mechanism

Licensing of MKV File

Matroska is an open standards project. It is totally free of charge to use and

the specifications are available to everyone, even to businesses that would be

akin to implement it in their products. The source code of the libraries created

by the Matroska Development Team is licensed under GNU L-GPL.


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